Understanding the Status Meter on Cooking & Food Storage Units

Here is how to understand the digital status meter you might see on the front panel or behind a cooking or food storage unit.

The status meter displays the voltage and current that run through the unit. You'll also see the status of the power and the energy. 

The voltage and current indicate whether or not you're getting enough power to operate the unit. Each unit has a different voltage and current requirement so be sure to reference the reading label found on the unit to confirm that the status meter is displaying the correct readings.

Here are some troubleshooting tips if you find that the numbers on the status meter don't match what is on the label:

  • The current value may fluctuate depending on what the unit is required to do. For example, an oven may display a higher current value when it is first heating up, versus when it is maintaining the desired temperature. As long as the unit is functioning properly while displaying a voltage within a close range of the reading label, then you're all set.
  • You might have too many units connected to your power source. Find a different outlet that can supply the appropriate amount of voltage and current, or try redirecting units to another power source. 
  • Any unit that requires 208 volts or 220 volts should be dedicated to its own circuit.
  • When it comes to power distribution, size matters. Longer extension cords reduce the voltage traveling into the unit. We highly recommend using the unit's attached power cord to connect it to its power source.