How do I calculate the right linen size for a rectangular table?

To calculate the right linen size for your rectangular table, you need to know the length, width, and height of the table, and how you want the linen to drop

  • The length refers to the longer edge of the table measured in feet.
  • The width refers to the shorter edge measured in inches.

For example, 6’x30”.  

Both the length and width of rectangular linens are measured in inches — e.g. 132”x90”.

  • The height of a table is the distance from the floor to the top of the table. Most tables we offer are available in several different heights, most commonly 30” high (standard height), 36” high, and 42” high. 
  • The drop is the distance from the top of the table to the bottom of the linen. There are two common types of drops: Full and Puddled. Most often, the drop of the linen is equal to the height of the table to conceal the table’s legs, referred to as a full drop. This drop can be shorter or longer, depending on personal preference, the event’s specific design, or table usage.  Some prefer to use longer linens for a puddled drop, which has a more billowy appearance. The illustration below shows two types of drops.

To find the correct linen size, measure the distance from one side of the table to the other (in inches) and add the desired drop (in inches) twice. This will give you the linen size needed to have the linen hang down one side of the table (drop #1), cover the table, and hang down the other side of the table (drop #2). 

For your rectangular table you’ll need to do this for both length and width:  

[Length” + Drop” + Drop”] x [Width” + Drop” + Drop”]

For example, if you have a 6’ long x 30” wide x 42” high table and you want the linen to be a full drop to the floor, your linen size would be:  

[72” + 42” + 42”] x [30” + 42” + 42”] = 156” x 114”