Why should I create an account on your website?

By creating an account through our website, you get access to exclusive, helpful features including the ability to:

  • Create and save multiple carts. This feature is great if you are considering multiple different options for your event or for when you need to work on more than one event at a time. Just remember, carts don't reserve your items – you need to check out to do that.
  • Share carts & orders. You can email carts or orders to anyone you want to share them with. This can be helpful when you want a team member or client to review the items and provide feedback. Select the "Share" option to tell us who you want to share with, and we'll send them a link to a read-only view of the cart or order.
  • Manage your account in one convenient place. You can get price lists, pay for your orders online, manage your email subscriptions, and more, whenever and wherever you'd like.