Do you charge a Damage Waiver Fee?

Yes, we charge a Damage Waiver Fee of 3.25% of your gross rental order. 

The Damage Waiver Fee covers rental items that have minor damages caused by normal wear and tear usage our products may endure during your event. Examples of normal wear and tear may include broken glassware or chinaware, stained linen, dented trays, or scratched flatware.

The Damage Waiver Fee is non-refundable and taxable and cannot be waived.

The Damage Waiver fee does not cover:

  • Theft or missing equipment
  • Damage resulting from vandalism or intentional or improper use
  • Damage due to items being left out in inclement weather
  • Damage to motors or electrical appliances caused by improper current/voltage

We do not calculate the fee on sale items and services.