Do you rent frozen drink machines?

We offer Frozen Drink Machines for rent, including Frigo Granita and Oasis machines. 

To operate the Frozen Drink Machine, use at least 10 quarts of pulp-free or particle-free liquid and add the liquid 2 hours prior to your event. This ensures that the machine reaches the proper temperature.

We offer a Margarita Mix (contains 64 8 oz. servings/bottle), a Pina Colada Mix (contains 40 8 oz. servings/bottle), and a Strawberry Daquiri/Margarita Mix (contains 40 8 oz. servings/bottle).

When adding alcohol to the mix, allow time for the mix to completely slush then add the alcohol.       

  • May need to add more time to slush after the alcohol is added. 
  • Adding the alcohol prior to slushing may add at least 2 additional hours of freezing time to your mix.

View the instructional video for operating the Frozen Drink Machine.

frozen drink machine for rent